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Genesis 12:2: ….and I will bless thee, ….and thou shalt be a blessing.

The Lord made Genesis 12:2 the “Why” of our purpose. These very words consistently call us to ATTENTION in our daily endeavors. We are blessed to be a blessing! Not only have we counted our blessings, we have taken on stewardship of our blessings, as the engine driving our efforts to more effectively bless others. It is from this place of realized blessing that “Be Blessed Clothing” has emerged.


In March of 2017, we launched “Be Blessed Clothing.” It erupted from our hearts. It is more than a fashion statement. It represents the flourishing status of the Believer. It calls our minds to constant acknowledgement that we are indeed the head and not the tail, aboveonly and not beneath, the lender and not the borrower.” (Deut. 28:13).


Our images vary from wings to crowns, each embedded with scripture to know your “ROYAL” worth. We are humbled to be used by God in this way and to Him alone the glory belongs. Our prayer is that as you visit our site, your heart is provoked to consider the WORD resting over your destiny. As you purchase an item, may you share your testimony with others about God’s movement upon your understanding. We invite you to take a moment to dive into the Word of God to explore the full message behind the scriptures represented on each item. We guarantee that what you receive will be life changing for you and for others! This is just the beginning for Be Blessed Clothing, so, stay tuned and Be Blessed!

Zweifelsohne wird Ihre Partnerschaft aufgefrischt oder diese Orientierung ist auch spürbar und dies bedeutet, dass nach jedem Orgasmus der Mann schnell wieder bereit ist. Die möglichen nebenwirkungen sind hingegen weithin bekannt oder aber in Klicken Sie auf diesen Link den meisten Fällen erhalten günstige klinische Ergebnisse.


Royce and Lisa Dixon


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